ensuring healthy and strong bone regeneration reducing patients’ pain associated with bone lesions

developing optimally performing bioinspired biomaterials mimicking the natural physiological processes underlying bone repair

smart bioactive biomaterials fitting within the lesions and recruiting the body’s cells to reconstruct the bone

a radical innovation in state-of-the-art to address the morbidity and mortality of bone lesions


January 2020 - new paper from Innovabone consortium
“Preclinical biological and physicochemical evaluation of two-photon engineered 3D biomimetic copolymer scaffolds for bone healing”,
Published by Royal Society of Chemistry

Biomaterials Science, 2020, DOI: 10.1039/C9BM01827A link

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14 & 15
Oct 2015
biomaterials for bone regeneration
join our dialogue on the clinical needs, scientific advancementes and business opportunities of regenerative medicine.

The InnovaBone project ended in November 2015.

The final InnovaBone conference was a two-day event that aimed at gathering scientists, representatives from patients’ associations, health professionals, policy makers, industrial players and citizens to discuss the clinical needs, scientific advancements and business opportunities of regenerative medicine. Leaders in the field deliberated on how to place InnovaBone into future orthopedic practice, ensuring better healing solutions and maximizing business opportunities. The results from the project are summarized in the final conference proceedings book that followed the final conference, in addition to PowerPoint presentations and videos from the conference, which are available for download on the website. Please see the section for past and future publications.